Custom Welding Helmet


Custom Welding HelmetUrie and Blanton is your online resource for custom welding helmets. You will conveniently find all of your welding accessory needs all in one place.

We have a great selection of Jackson Mighty-Lite custom welding helmets that are extremely lightweight and flexible. They are made of durable injection-molded thermoplastic resins and have molded-in plate holders. Three plate holder styles are available. All snap in and out without tools for easy replacement. Mighty-Lite welding helmets are not recommended for overhead welding.

We have a custom welding helmet that will fit your needs. You can choose a variety of fiberglass welding helmets that have a lightweight shell and plate holder molded in a single piece.

There’s custom welding helmets with large lens fiberglass hand shields, or a respirator welding helmet that allows for greater worker convenience or choose from a narrow shell welding helmet with a compact design to a straight shell custom welding helmet that provide extended protection to the throat area and better ventilation.

Get the best deals on all of your custom welding helmets from Urie and Blanton Welding Equipment and Supply.

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